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Witness business transformation with consulting services from CelerMovens. Grow your business with result oriented & ROI driven Marketing, Branding, eCommerce and Digital Consulting services from the best marketing consulting firms in India.



Business Consulting Services

You work hard every day to meet your customer’s current needs and to even anticipate their future requirements. You listen to them carefully, track your competitors, keep your operations & financials under control and keep your employees motivated with training and incentives programs. Well, this is what makes you a profitable business with a solid reputation. The question always is – what’s next?

For a sustainable and profitable future innovation (product/service/communication) and big-picture thinking is essential. However big picture thinking can be tough in the ever-connected world, especially when you’re busy with the day-to-day business operation.

With our Business Consulting service, we’ll help you think about your business in a whole new way. Our consultants will bring a whole new perspective your business challenges and help you see a better future with unlimited possibilities. We pride ourselves on identifying your challenges quickly and designing strategies to address them, always keeping mind ways to do that with minimal disruption.

Marketing Consulting Services

Customers drive the fortune of a business that is why we say “Customer is King”. Customers delight and loyalty are the principal sources of business growth. CelerMovens Marketing Consulting Services combine in-depth customer insights, industry & competitor understanding to our hands-on experience in sales, business development and marketing operations to help our clients build sustainable, organic business growth.


Our strategic marketing consultants help you achieve organic, profitable growth by focusing on Customer Insights; Benchmarking your position against your competitors and building a marketing strategy that helps you differentiate your offerings & a marketing plan that delivers a consistent customer experience at every touchpoint.


Our marketing consulting services put customers at the center of marketing processes. Your marketing campaigns on retail or TV or Social media will be driven to positively influence your customer. We will align your brand & marketing ommunications strategy to your business objectives and track it with real metrics to stay on course.

Digital Consulting Services

Internet and digital technologies have been transforming businesses across the world. However, digital transformation is not about technology but customer and business processes.

Actionable customers insights are the real source of business growth today. Businesses can innovate unique products & services based on customer insights and application of organisational expertise & domain knowledge.

Our Consultants at CelerMovens can help you understand your customers better. We help you unearth latent customer’s needs and demands based on our understanding of consumer psychographics, behavioural information and interest. Customer insights coupled with our segmentation capabilities, analytics and experimentation, leading to actionable insights.

Our actionable insights coupled with your domain expertise and industry knowledge can help you create sustainable and profitable growth.

Ecommerce Strategy Consulting

eCommerce business is on the rise globally. Several companies have seen its growth from the sidelines, wondering if an online business strategy is right for their business. CelerMovens eCommerce Strategy Consulting Services will help you answer the very question.


Our team of experienced digital commerce consulting experts will help guide your online entry strategy and decide which marketplaces are right for you to sell your products and reach a more extensive array of customers.


We have seen that businesses hesitate to sell online due to the lack of understanding and expertise to manage e-commerce operation. CelerMovens as an eCommerce consulting agency will help you to make informed business decisions and go-to-market strategy to succeed online.


Our eCommerce strategy consulting services team will provide you with customer insights, merchandising strategy, technology, supply chain and digital marketing strategy that will help you become a leading eCommerce player in your industry

Brand Consulting Services

CelerMovens is one of the top brand consulting firms in India. We offer full-service brand consulting services to our clients in Delhi, Jaipur and Mathura. Our Brand consultants have worked with several luxury and lifestyles brands in India and overseas and have a thorough understanding of experiences that can help brands, products and individuals to differentiate themselves in the cluttered marketplace.

What makes us one of the best luxury brand consulting firms in India is our understanding of the digital universe coupled with our inhouse studio. Armed with extraordinary execution, our brand consultants can offer strategic brand building solutions to promote your brand globally and in India.

As a brand consulting company, we design solutions that are unique to your business.

Digital Marketing Consulting Services

Internet and digital technologies have transformed the world of marketing. Consumer’s attention is shifting from television to mobile devices and social media. Today almost 50% of the global population is connected to the internet. Brands of all size, startups and even individuals are exploring an option to leverage digital marketing.


CelerMovens is one of the top digital marketing consulting firms in India. Our digital marketing consulting services are customised to your specific business needs. We offer a bouquet of online marketing services that include website optimisation, search engine optimisation, social media marketing, eCommerce, content marketing services.


CelerMovens also has a full-service digital marketing agency, so if the need arises, we can hand hold you regarding execution as well. Based on our experience at CelerMovens, we are confident we can significantly increase your site or app traffic, customer engagement, and on-site conversions within the next 6-12 months.